a public relations opportunity for BSD

John Dyson sam at iquest.net
Wed May 14 22:29:01 PDT 2003

Josef Grosch wrote:
> On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 10:28:35PM -0400, Sergey Babkin wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > If you haven't heard yet, SCO has sent a letter to about 1500
> > companies claiming that Linux infringes on SCO's intellectual property.
> > I won't comment on whether this claim is true (there
> > are enough comments on slashdot). But for BSD it's a nice
> > opportunity to come out and say to the public that BSD out there,
> > does all that Linux does and more, and has no intellectual property
> > issues. So that if the management of the threatened companies
> > starts running from Linux, they run to BSD.
> I think we need to stay as far away from this self inflicted fiasco as
> possible. If SCO wants to turn into the next Unisys, fine! They will not be
> missed. We should continue to focus on making FreeBSD the server OS of
> choice.
> Oh, I'm moving this chat, which is where it really belongs.
I tend to agree that 'dancing' on someone elses misfortune or
'grave' isn't a good thing.  BSD (esp FreeBSD) shouldn't be an OS
that is based upon hatred of Microsoft, Linux, Commercial software
or GPLed software.   Good, clean competition based upon features
and reliability (where features do include software features,
installation ease, licesning freedom (but not as a 'crusade').)

It is VERY EASY to fall into the trap of disliking the rhetoric,
vehemence, or business practices of a company or organization so
very strongly as to mistakenly adopt the negative attributes
that are so very disliked.  I have too often made the mistake of
disliking 'negative' and 'crusader' attitudes so strongly as to
adopt some of the attributes of the 'negative advocacy' based

It is best to avoid considering 'Microsoft', 'commercial software'
or other such things as the 'enemy.'  It is also best to avoid
giving those who crusade so strongly against other people and
companies 'a taste of their own medicine' in any way.

I still wish that FreeBSD had stronger marketing, where it would
be effective enough to avoid the seduction of overly strong advocacy.


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