microuptime() went backwards.

thib thib at bitcode.org
Thu May 8 13:06:45 PDT 2003

May  8 20:01:51 FeliX /kernel: microuptime() went backwards (39515.922679 -> 15.898650)

I had proplems with this same thing when I was running 4.5 but it stoped in 4.8-STABLE but now all of the sudden it came back
I have looked throug the archives and found nothing wich can help me understand why this happend all of the sudden or how I can prevented from
happing. I can asure that I made no changes to my system configuration nor installed any packages e.t.c. e.t.c. but all of the sudden I started getting this msg in /var/log/messages . 

Any feedback on what could be causing this and how to fix it or suggestions on where too look for more detailed info about this subject.

	If you find that this should not be send to -hackers excuse me for -hackers is the only list that I'm subscriped to and I hate to have thing's CC to me.

	Thordur Ivar.
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