shared mem and panics when out of PV Entries

Andrew Kinney andykinney at
Wed Mar 26 16:24:32 PST 2003

On 26 Mar 2003, at 13:29, Igor Sysoev wrote:

> If you have 200M shared memory it takes about 50,000 PV entries per
> process. 20 processes takes 1 million PV entries.

We've got about 11.1 million PV entries to play with, so I went 
ahead and made MaxClients 150 just to ensure Apache couldn't 
panic the system at will.  That combined with minimizing the 
KeepAliveTimeout has solved the problem for now, though I'm still 
not happy about letting all that RAM sit idle.  I guess I'll just have 
to live with it.

Eventually, I may be forced to turn off KeepAlive and make use of 
FreeBSD's accept filters or put in a reverse proxy as you 
recommend.  For now, though, we are serving the whole gammut 
from this Apache.  Static pages, images, mod_perl, PHP, 
Apache::ASP, and most anything else a customer might want or 
need to serve from a web server.  I know it isn't the most efficient 
way to use Apache, but nobody has any complaints about 
performance at this point.

Andrew Kinney
President and
Chief Technology Officer
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