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Fri Jun 20 04:38:11 PDT 2003

"Tkachenko, Artem N" <artem.n.tkachenko at> 44 lines of wisdom included:
> What I am trying to accomplish is to set up Node A and Node B (and not Node
> C) to have Node A think that it is directly connected to LAN2 with an IP
> Address
> So if Node A needs to send a packet to Node C, some program on Node A will
> encapsulate the packed and send it to Node B. Some other program on Node B
> will get the encapsulated packet, recognize that it came from Node A and
> that it needs to go somewhere else on LAN2, open the capsule and forward the
> original packet to the appropriate destination.
> And if Node C needs to send a packet to, the router on LAN2 will
> force it to send the packet to Node B. The Node B should then forward the
> packet to Node A.

I think you're looking for NAT, which will translate the appropiate

Have a google for some information.

Ref: natd(8), ipfw(8)

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