Interview in Byte with Chris Sontag/SCO and FUD relating toBSDsettlement agreement

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Thu Jun 19 07:13:37 PDT 2003

In message <20030619090332.GO93137 at>, "Greg 'groggy' Lehey"

>>> I suppose you mean John Lions.
>> Yes.  I always spell his name wrong.
>>> He got into a lot of trouble for that, and I doubt he would have
>>> got away with it in the USA.
>> Really?  Can you point to the signed non-disclosure agreement
>> that he violated in order to publish his commentary?  The U.S.
>> was not nearly as anal about this stuff until the 1980's.
>Things have got worse, yes.  But certainly there was enough trouble in
>the 70s.

Peter Salus book "A Quarter Century of UNIX" mentioned that he got
in trouble and that AT&T stopped the distribution (to the extent
that they could).

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