Interview in Byte with Chris Sontag/SCO and FUD relating to BSDsettlement agreement

Martin Heller tracking at
Tue Jun 17 04:52:08 PDT 2003

I've got some questions relating to the settlement Agreement as
Chris Sontag/SCO raised some FUD. Here's the excerpt relating to
BSD from the interview:
But what about BSD?" I asked. Sontag responded that there "could be 
issues with the [BSD] settlement agreement," adding that Berkeley may 
not have lived up to all of its commitments under the settlement.

"So you want royalties from FreeBSD as well?" I asked. Sontag responded 
that "there may or may not be issues. We believe that UNIX System V 
provided the basic building blocks for all subsequent computer operating 
systems, and that they all tend to be derived from UNIX System V (and 
therefore are claimed as SCO's intellectual property)."

Will the FreeBSD project issue an offical statement relating to these
What will happen to FreeBSD if SCO aims at the BSD projects. Could SCO 
revoke the Settlement Agreement and pursue a court ruling?

M. Heller

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