Drawing graphics on terminal

Nakal nakal at web.de
Mon Jun 16 13:34:36 PDT 2003

On Monday 16 June 2003 21:10, Eric Jacobs wrote:

> See /usr/share/examples/libvgl

Yupp. That looks good. Thank you!

> I've been thinking about that too. The big question I have is whether
> it's a good idea to use a toolkit with a more restrictive license
> (GPL, LGPL, MPL), which would make it a lot easier, or come up with
> something that could be licensed under the BSD license. I know that
> FreeBSD has used the GPL'd libdialog in sysinstall for quite some
> time without problems, but maybe it is time to start thinking about
> something that is free in the BSD license sense.

I will make some experiments with libvgl first (e.g. porting my project, 
as I said before). I will make sure that I release my stuff (if I ever 
find time to make something) under the BSD-license. I like to 
"re-invent the wheel", sorry... :) That's why, _IF_ I write something, 
I want to make a new toolkit.

I need to collect some ideas about the installer first. I have already 
started to plan something with XML-oriented forms, so developers don't 
need to mess with binaries to create configurations (I will take a look 
at Xerces C++, because it's under the Apache Software License which is 
also free enough). An XML-type configuration should be also fine to 
create paper documentations from the XML-code directly (optimally a few 
stylesheets should be enough). One further positive aspect of XML is 
that it can be validated and is strict enough to force the developer to 
do "the right thing".

In fact, I have begun to make experiments in Java (also with XML; the 
resulting forms are in HTML) to write a configuration utility for all 
kinds of applications (including the FreeBSD kernel), but I don't think 
it is a good solution for FreeBSD.

> I don't think the advantage of a GUI-based installer would be
> "eye-candy". libdialog looks fine IMO. It would be to increase the
> ease of use, allow more flexibility in installations, and add more
> troubleshooting/diagnostic options (disabling/enabling/loading
> device drivers, etc.)

Yes, of course.


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