Multimedia Keyboard (extra keys) on console

ferrex at ferrex at
Wed Jun 4 14:43:56 PDT 2003

i want to map some of the 12 "multimedia keys" i have on my keyboard to
on the console, not in X, like making one of them execute "ssh <host>" or

i tried to find out the scancodes on freebsd, but failed terribly, there
is no
utility available to find them it seems, so i plugged it into a linux machine
and got the scancode for one of the keys via "showkey -s", in hex its 0x90
in dec its 144.
then i dumped my keyboard map via "kbdcontrol -d >keys", added a line at the
bottom for the scancode 144, and reloaded it via "kbdcontrol -l keys"..

144 'A' nul nul nul nul nul nul nul O

it didnt do anything tho, anyone got any hints whats going wrong?

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