Update on nVidia/MCP ethernet

Bill Paul wpaul at FreeBSD.ORG
Thu Jul 24 15:57:03 PDT 2003

First off, response to my announcement has been amazing. I've received
150 e-mails so far, and they're still coming. Thanks to everyone who
has responded.

An extra special thanks to those people who agreed to talk to contacts
they have within nVidia. I'm still waiting for for info from these
people. As soon as I learn something new, I'll pass it along.

I have also made some progress on another front. It occured to me
that since nVidia is known for GPU expertise rather than networking
expertise that maybe their 'proprietary design' wasn't really anything
of the sort. Well, I was right: what nVidia calls "MCP ethernet" is
really a Conexant CX25870/1 "jedi" controller. I have contacted Conexant
and am in the process of trying to obtain a copy of the programming
manual for this device. There are some NDA issues to deal with, however
I've been told they will not prevent me from releasing driver source.

I hope to get this resolved soon. Stay tuned.


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