FreeBSD lacks PPPoE (pppoa3 solution)

Dominic Marks dom at
Fri Jul 11 01:57:38 PDT 2003

On 10/07/2003 21:45, Nuno Teixeira wrote:
> Hi,
> Please see
> "Real" PPPoE with a ethernet card connected with a ADSL Modem works.
> This problem is related with ISPs that supports *only* PPPoE protocol
> with USB Modems (this case Alcatel) that "emulates" ethernet with
> TUN/TAP devices. USB modems don't have a connection to ethernet cards.
> FreeBSD pppoa port works ok with Alcatel USB Modems but only for PPPoA
> protocols and not PPPoE. 
> Almost all europe ISPs only support PPPoE and not PPPoA (I don't know
> the reason why).

Except in the UK where it seems to be the other way around (for DSL
services at least) - incidently do you know that it is impossible to use
another modem with your ISP ? I had an Alcatel SpeedTouch USB and I
ditched in favour of an Alcatel SpeedTouch Home (ethernet socket), once
I had configured everything with the various settings I could get online
using mpd (I've now documented this in the Handbook). But then, I was
using PPPoA so perhaps my experiences are useless here.

> Thanks,
> 		Nuno Teixeira

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