HTT on single CPU?

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Wed Jul 9 08:26:31 PDT 2003

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>Actually, a 2.4 could have HT.
>"Intel extends Hyper-Threading Technology? to a variety of desktop PCs, with
>the new Intel Pentium 4 processor, featuring an advanced 800 MHz system
>bus and speeds ranging from 2.40C to 3.20 GHz. Hyper-Threading Technology
>from Intel enables the processor to execute two threads (parts of a software
>program) in parallel - so your software can run more efficiently and you can
>multitask more effectively."
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>P4's below ~3.1GHz do not actually provide logical CPU support.
>-- Brooks

I also have Pentium4 2.53GHz Processor. I have i845G motherboard,
And the vendor says that the board does not support Pentium4 3.06GHz CPU.
Can I run with HTT enabled if I buy a Pentium 4 3.06G CPU?

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