PAM and passwd

Adil Katchi AdilK at
Mon Dec 15 14:15:20 PST 2003

I was just wondering if anyone knew about the details of loading PAM.  My
problem is that I need to create a local user account while I am
authenticating using a PAM module.  That is, using some remote
authentication mechanism, if it authenticates a user, I want to create that
user locally on the BSD box and allow the user to log in.  What I'm finding
is that if the user did not already exist before an authentication started,
the overall authentication will fail.  That is, the first time a particular
user tries to log in, because it doesn't exist, it will fail, but subsequent
attempts will pass.

This seems to indicate that the local users' info is loaded at PAM startup.
Is this true?  If so, is there a way to purge that info with the new users'



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