FBSD 5-CURRENT: Kernel Makefile.inc1 Error

Michael Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Mon Dec 8 14:27:51 PST 2003

* Damian Gerow <damian at sentex.net> [031208 12:43]:
> Thus spake Garance A Drosihn (drosih at rpi.edu) [06/12/03 03:31]:
> > From the above description, it sounds like you are running
> > on a 5.1 system, and you are trying to compile a 5.2 kernel.
> > Is this true?
> > 
> > If the system you are on is 5.1, then you are going to have
> > to do a 'make buildworld' of the 5.2-source before you can
> > do a 'make buildkernel' of a 5.2 kernel.
> It's not clear from what you're saying, but will this cause problems with
> the statfs stuff?  I've been under the impression that a 5.1->5.2 upgrade
> requires me to build and boot a new kernel before I can install a new world
> -- it's not clear if you're saying I need to build /and install/ a new world
> before building a kernel, or if I just need to build world...

You basically need to follow the recommended procedure to the letter,
as opposed to skipping some of the reboot steps in the middle.

with a 5.2 /usr/src:
 * make buildworld
 * make buildkernel
 * make installkernel
 * reboot to single-user
 * make installkernel
 * mergemaster
 * reboot

The issue is, your kernel will continue handing out old file system
structures until you reboot with a new one.  Rather early in the
installworld process, you will stop being able to use fundamental system
commands like ls and cp, which expect the new structures.

Also, a small number of ports break as well.  Between the mergemaster
and reboot steps you may wish to rebuild any critical ports.  postfix,
for example, refuses to start it's smtpd until you rebuild it.  Any
other ports which behave oddly, particularly those which die with a
signal 11, probably need a rebuild.


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