SVBUG what happened tonight (12-04-2003)

Mark Murray mark at
Fri Dec 5 00:15:17 PST 2003


Could you please discuss spam issues on a spam list. Your mail
has nothing to do with FreeBSD.

I'm sorry about your car accident, but that is also not hackers@
material. It is, however OK for chat at .



jessem at writes:
> Announcement for 2003-12-04
> Topic: What happened to me tonight.
> The reflections of a night can at times be beyond one's control.
> To make it short, I got in a car accident tonight. I am okay,
> nothing wrong; just a shaken realization. As the CHP officer said, 
> "your still alive". And I am glad of that.
> My vehicle is totaled and replacement will not be easy. At least
> not as easy as when I worked in the tech sector. My decision
> has been and always will be to stay in computers.  However, it's
> a pity that my life decisions are not as good a my technical.
> (some might argue otherwise).
> To surmise I'm a bit melancholy, but what's important to you
> is this:
> Jon Syrstad of Ampex has confirmed that my findings that
> using a white list is the key to avoiding spam.  He estimates
> that within a month his job of reviewing the daily SPAM from
> "8 times a day for legitamite email" to "once".
> Jon uses a full set of tools and is personally charged by
> the CEO to reduce SPAM. He has both commercial and open
> source tools. None have been or will every be as effective
> as a "white list", consisting of family, friends, business
> associates and people you really want to talk to.
> So, as a local company selling cell phone service likes to say,
> "get off 'their' clock, permission to speak freely".
> 			Thank You
> 			Jessem.
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