sata on -stable

Duncan Barclay dmlb at
Tue Dec 2 14:35:20 PST 2003

From: "Soren Schmidt" <sos at>
>> I can hack the device recognition code to pick up the 8237 and set
>> mode on the PATA drive I have in the machine, but I cannot seem to find
>> two SATA drives. Any suggestions on how to at least find the drives - I
>> don't need the h/w RAID as I was going to use Vinum anyway.
> The SATA part of the VIA needs a bit more work, you can how its done in
> current, not too bad just a few lines of code..

I've now got the SATA part recognised and find one of the two SATA drives
and I'm able to acess the drive. Although there were lots of warnings about
UDMA mode etc - not suprising becuase all I did was add a couple of case
statements to recognise the device. It gave up on the other drive
eventually. It's rather remarkable that it is working at all!

I'll grub around in current tomorrow and see what I can do. Do you want
patches directly or via a send-pr? Or shall I commit after your review?



> -Søren
>                       .. but it works under windows!!

Who cares ;-)

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