Using CVS diff to find out what has changed, including new files

Rolf Grossmann rg at
Tue Aug 5 04:03:01 PDT 2003


Artem 'Zazoobr' Ignatjev wrote:

>On Mon, 04.08.2003, at 17:04, Rolf Grossmann wrote:
>>I'm using cvsup for a while now to get a copy of the FreeBSD CVS repository
>>and I have a (slightly modified) version of -STABLE checked out from there.
>>Now there are certain areas where I'd like to see what changed before
>>doing a "cvs update". Currently I'm using "cvs diff -u -N -r BASE -r RELENG_4"
>>to do that. However this has one drawback that I'm hoping you'll be
>>able to help me with: If files have been removed from the distribution,
>>these files continue to show up as getting readded (even though they
>>won't when doing an update). To see the problem, you can go to
>>/usr/src/sbin/md5 and run the above cvs diff command.
>Maybe server looks for those files in attic?
Yes, it does. And rightfully so, because the given revision may still be 
present. However, I think it errs when it's not.

>as far as I understand logics of cvs update, it won't rub out your local changes - 
>all you can get with cvs update are conflicts. Why not do cvs -n update -d, and then
>cvs update -d, or even cvs update -d -I your/changed/file1 -I another/changed/file, 
>and then you can diff through this small (I suppose (: ) set of files
Sorry, I think you didn't quite understand what I'm trying to achive. 
I'd like to get a diff of what has changed in the repository *before* I 
update my sources (and without making a copy of any files).


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