boot2 broken ? (booting from pst fails)

Bruce A. Mah bmah at
Thu Apr 17 08:50:56 PDT 2003

If memory serves me right, Toerless Eckert wrote:

> > Also, apart
> > from your hardware, FreeBSD is quite compatible with the large majority of
> > PC hardware.  We boot directly off of 3ware ATA RAID controllers where I
> > work, so I really think your claims are rather overstated.
> Don't forget that neither 3ware nor promise list FreeBSD as a supported
> operating system, both are equally listed in FreeBSDs hardware list,
> there's no indication that booting for one of them doesn't work but
> that it's supposed to work on the other.

Well, if it's as simple as adding a note to the hardware list that
booting from pst(4) devices isn't supported, I'm happy to do that.  

Bear in mind that the poor sucker who does most of the hardware list
(yours truly) has fairly pedestrian hardware.  I'm always glad to get 
some help in this department.


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