nsswitch implementation

Michael A. Bushkov bushman at rsu.ru
Mon Apr 14 05:47:15 PDT 2003


We are currently working on alternate nsswitch implementation for
FreeBSD. We want to make this implementation more flexible and powerful
than the current one.

Our idea is to make 3-level structure of nsswitch:

1) libc functions talking to the level2 daemon

2) Special daemon (nssd) accepting queries from
libc, passing them to level3 (modules) and sending answers
back to libc

3) DSO modules, containing functions doing real work
to obtain requested information from any source or
database (for example nss_files.so, nss_dns.so and so on)

The daemon (level 2) should be able do dynamically open modules - we
can't call dlopen() directly from libc.

At the moment we have a working alpha-version of daemon, nss_files 
module and
some rewritten libc functions. And there is one problem: behaviour of 
should be different for regular users and for root. Currently (in libc) 
is done with the help of geteuid(). This is not applicable for modules
since their function are called by the daemon but not the originating
process itself.

We see two implementable solutions:

1. Run 2 daemons to separate root and non-root queries.

2. Pass uid information to the module functions and let them use it 
instead of

And another 'theoretical' solution: to intersept geteuid() calls from 

We defenitely need some suggesions and discussion. Any help will be 

Pleas keep CC lines in replies since we're not on the list.

Michael A. Bushkov
Computer Center of Rostov State University

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