Anyone seen 4.8-RELEASE running on a real 386 (not 486 586 etc) ?

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Thu Apr 10 15:14:35 PDT 2003

Julian Stacey wrote:
> freebsd-hackers@,
> Anyone seen 4.8-RELEASE running on a real 386 processor (not a 486, 586 etc) ?
> I have a 386 that runs 4.7, dmesg below, both GENERIC & my own kernel;
> But it wont boot 4.8 { either generic or my own config } compiled on my
> other 4.8 box.  I tried making with & without /etc/make.conf
>         CFLAGS =        -m386 -march=i386 -msoft-float -mcpu=i386 -O -pipe
>         COPTFLAGS=      -m386 -march=i386 -msoft-float -mcpu=i386 -O -pipe
> I tried the /kernel copied from a 4.8 cdrom to hard disk (no cdrom
> drive on the box).  I tried 4.8 boot floppies (to prove its not
> something wrong in hard disc /boot) Every 4.8 kernel crashes during boot -s.

You must config your kernel with a CPU type of 386, so that it
will not atttempt to use 486-specific instructions, and so it
will emulate kernel write faulting, since the 386 does not do
this correctly.

There was a recent discussion in which people were attempting to
murder the 386 support, in which a number of instructions and
patches were listed.  You should look in the mailing list archives
for more information.

-- Terry

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