Anyone useing ATI All-in-wonder cards with xawtv ?

Soeren Schmidt sos at
Wed Apr 9 08:28:59 PDT 2003

It seems Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
> > No change, still blank window, what version of X are you using ?
> > However this is a RADEON AIW (R100 based) so that might make the diff...
> I had a 8500AIW (R200 chipset) working with the Gatos drivers and xawtv.  It 
> took some flipping around with the options in xawtv.  You can get to the 
> right options but the video output will not update until the xawtv window is 
> moved, for some reason.
> The disadvantage is that DRI will break, so you (at this point) will have 3D 
> or video-in, but not both.  Check back a few weeks in the 
> multimedia at mailing list, and you'll see me writing about it.

I dont use 3D so thats not a problem, could you part with your .xawrc
file please ? I cant get it to work no matter what, I've even tried 
disabling VBI which according to the gatos folks should fix things
on PAL systems..


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