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Boris Samorodov bsam at
Thu Apr 19 11:20:54 UTC 2012

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On 19.04.2012 00:07, Jeremy Messenger wrote:

> Here's my logical. I look at xdg-icon-resource like make, gmake,
> install and other build/install tool. So when one of application needs
> something then add dependency in application, not gmake/install/etc.
> It's same idea as with xdg-icon-resource, because it only does is
> install stuff for applictions in the theme folder.

If I understand this correctly then smth like INSTALL_DEPENDS may DTRT?

> What if application want to install in the different theme? This is
> where xdg-utils installs wrong dependency, which it should be taken
> care of upper level (ie: djview4).

I'm not sure if djview4 installs a different scheme. It installs it's
icons, desktop file at a non-standard directory (this is done at current
djview4 port) and than those icons and desktop files should be
"registered" -- i.e. should be copied to a standard directory
(this is the part missing at the current djview4 port). But registering
is aborted because a standard directory is missing.

> The xdg-icon-resource really should have create directories.

You mean "If the directory does not exist the xdg-..."? I think that
the directory is not created since there is no _one_ standard. I.e.
/usr/, /usr/local/, /opt/, etc. are all different among unixes and

> I think
> the xdg-utils stuff are a bit flawed.

I got acquainted to xdg-utils for the fist time so do not have a strong

> But..... The xdg-utils isn't wide use, so I don't really care at this
> moment to have xdg-utils depends on hicolor-icon-theme. It's unlike we
> will have application that want xdg-icon-resource installs in
> different theme.

Well, this is too hard for my English to parse. ;-)

The goal -- to get an icon menu (at my fluxbox wm) after djview4 is

The overview -- the port installs all needed file but does not run
a command to register it's attributes to an icon, a desktop database.

OK, I did it. At my workstation all was OK. But testing at a tinderbox
resulted with error. [1]

Further investigation showed that a directory is missing. That directory
at my workstation was installed by hicolor-icon-theme. So we have two
ways. Either depends upon hicolor-icon-theme or create that directory
while installing xdg-utils. BTW, maybe xdg-hier may be committed to
create needed system-wide (unlike user's) directories?

[1] After committing the path to xdg-utils I've got a new error
for djview4 installing:
Run /usr/local/share/djvu/djview4/desktop/register-djview-menu install
  to register the djview3 menu entries.
xdg-desktop-menu: No writable system menu directory found.
*** Error code 3

The full log is here:

xdg-desktop-menu in system mode uses /usr/local/share/desktop-directories.
Which directory is standard for desktop entries for FreeBSD?
I mean not gnome, not kde, etc. but actually  FreeBSD. As for
me I use fluxbox as a wm.

Sure I can create that directory while installing djview4,
but I rather not to.

WBR, Boris Samorodov (bsam)
FreeBSD Committer, The Power To Serve

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