Gnome keyboard shortcuts equivalent to Windows keyboard shortcuts?

a33e yurkie at
Mon Oct 17 20:14:33 UTC 2011

That windows keyboard shortcut profile should be implemented if it does not
exist. I have been waiting for that for years already and its the thing that
keeps me away from Linux world.

I am totally used to Win shortcuts, they are tattooed to my spine. I'm BTW.
MCSE and MCITP: EA. I say that just to give a hint how total MS nerd i am.

I remember KDE had that Win shortcut profile in some of their earlier
versions but when i checked it out last time i couldn't find those settings
Nothing pisses me off more than inability to open menu or RUN command promt
etc. because those same key shortcuts wont do anything -or do "wrong"

Still i would like to be more familiar with Linux stuff but i can't
concentrate to "real" stuff because all efforts goes to those "obvious"
things.. .  . 

Programming own shortcuts one by one ain't perfect solution. What if i need
to use more than one linux install? Or use one just for a while?
Actually i would like to have kb shortcut to call that Win shortcut profile
aswell. :D

Win key + W would be nice. Or if using Win key in official distros is
prohibited, CTRL-ALT-W.

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