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Mon Jul 18 10:29:05 UTC 2011

Koop Mast wrote on 07.06.2011 01:58:
> On 6/6/2011 21:50 , Ruslan Mahmatkhanov wrote:
>> 30.05.2011 00:20, Jeremy Messenger пишет:
>>> On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 2:34 PM, Ruslan
>>> Mahmatkhanov<cvs-src at> wrote:
>>>> 28.05.2011 17:25, Koop Mast пишет:
>>>>> On Sat, 2011-05-28 at 13:50 +0400, Ruslan Mahmatkhanov wrote:
>>>>>> Good day!
>>>>>> Here is devel/gsettings-desktop-schemas. It's a collection of
>>>>>> gsettings shemas for Gnome desktop. I believe that it should be
>>>>>> maintained by gnome@ so it set it as MAINTAINER.
>>>>>> Please review and commit.
>>>>>> This port is needed at least to update devel/gitg and
>>>>>> devel/gtranslator to it's latest versions.
>>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Thanks for the submission but we already got a port for this in our
>>>>> development repo [1]. The latest gtranslator version is also there.
>>>>> -Koop
>>>>> [1]
>>>> Heh.. When do you planning to merge this ports into main ports tree?
>>>> gsettings-desktop-schemas is needed for update devel/gitg, would you
>>>> mind
>>>> to merge it even though?
>>> I think it's safe to put a lot of lower level over in the FreeBSD
>>> ports tree now such as GTK+3, gsettings-desktop-schemas and etc. I
>>> still need to test the clean installation of GNOME 2 to make sure
>>> there is nothing break with GNOME 3 stuff in the ports tree (not
>>> installed) at the same time.
>>> There is a few stuff that need to be fixed in GNOME 3 such as language
>>> (locale) in GDM and gnome-control-center. It's Linuxish in there. kwm,
>>> do you know how much left do we need to do with GNOME 3? I kind of
>>> lost in track for last two weeks by now, but I will catch up very
>>> easily in next week with my 6 weeks of summer break.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mezz
>> Hi Jeremy!
>> When you planning to bring this changes (and gsettings-desktop-schemas
>> in particular) into a ports tree?
> I'm going to put the ball in motion this week. After that it will
> probably a bit before it lands, since this lot needs at least a ports
> exp-run to be sure everything build.
> -Koop


I'm sorry for bringing this thread to life again, but is there any 
progress? Is there any possibility to just add this port before gnome3?
Can i help anyhow?

Thank you for your time.


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