Questions about gconf and the schemas install/deinstall to prepare a Guake port

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Fri Nov 19 22:40:20 UTC 2010

On Fri, 19 Nov 2010 22:17:43 +0100
Sébastien Santoro <dereckson at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I prepared some months ago a guake port (a dropdown terminal) but
> still have two issuse to solve before committing it:
> (1) How to properly install the gconf schema?
> I've had to manually write this command to install it (as user level :/):
> gconftool-2 --install-schema-file /usr/local/etc/gconf/schemas/guake.schemas
> If I try gconftool-2 --makefile-install-rule
> ${PREFIX}/etc/gconf/schemas/guake.schemas, I got the following error:
> Must set the GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE environment variable
> If I read the man gconftool-2, to set it to a empty string forces
> default value, but that doesn't seems the case (I got the same
> message).
> man excerpt:
>        --makefile-install-rule
>               Properly  installs  schema  files  on  the command line into the
>               database. GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE environment variable should be set
>               to a non-default config source or set to the empty string to use
>               the default.
> (2) How to properly deinstall the gconf schema?
> I thought the following line would deinstall it properly:
> GCONF_SCHEMAS=	guake.schemas
> # GCONF_SCHEMAS     - Set the following to list of all schema files
> #                     that your port installs. These schema files and
> #                     %gconf.xml files will be automatically added to
> #                     ${PLIST}. For example, if your port has
> #                     "etc/gconf/schemas/(foo.schemas and bar.schemas)",
> #                     add the following to your Makefile:
> #                     "GCONF_SCHEMAS=foo.schemas bar.schemas".
> But, when I look my config, entries are still there.
> Is that because my clumsy --install-schema-file?

Your port installs a gconf2 schemas in ${PREFIX}/etc/gconf/schemas/.
The only thing you need to do is add "GCONF_SCHEMAS=guake.schemas" to the port makefile. This will do all the nessasery command for install and deinstall. It will also add a entry to the plist so you don't need to worry about that either.


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