SUMMARY: GNOME startup issues

Bear jilingshu at
Tue Jul 13 16:24:46 UTC 2010

Thanks for your patch! Your patch actually solved the problem on gnome-panel but I must say, I dont think this patch fix the source of this problem.
The gnome-panel slow responding is only a hand, not the whole thing.
Why not install a Linux such as Debian and do a comparation?
In Linux, I can run gnome-session without ck-launch-session without any problem. The only thing I cant do is to shutdown my computer(no that menu) or mount a device(show a error messsagebox instantly with "Not authorized").
But in FreeBSD, although I applied your patch and use ck-launch-session to run my gnome-session, if I click on a non-freebsd partition, it would say nothing. Maybe you would say this is a problem related to hal, but I think this is related to dbus. Dbus denied transferring the "not authorized" message and so many other messages, also include the "cannot shutdown" message.

According to my analysis, I still believe the dbus default policy is the source of these problem. I think the only thing your patch did is to make ck-launch-session give more priviages like shutting down to gnome-session to prevent the error. But in truth, this is not the correct way to solve the problem. The source is dbus or policy, not other module.


From:Joe Marcus Clarke
Send Date:2010-07-13 23:06:35
To:Kevin Oberman
CC:Bear; FreeBSD GNOME Users
Subject:Re: SUMMARY: GNOME startup issues

On 7/13/10 8:47 AM, Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:21:09 +0800
>> From: Bear <jilingshu at>
>> hi,
>> Er... A very fool question... Could you tell me the correct steps to
>> patch your patch? It seems like that I did something wrong on this...
> Here is what I did (and it was probably not the correct thing):
> 1. Save patch to ck-patch
> 2. cd /usr
> 3. patch < ck-patch
> 4. mv patch-tools_ck-collect-session-info.c /usr/ports/sysutils/consolekit/files
> 5. rm patch-tools_ck-collect-session-info.c.orig
> Then re-build and re-install consolekit and re-boot your system.

I actually updated the patch to make it more commit-ready.  Can you try
the new version?  It's at the same URL.  For it, you just need to do:

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/consolekit/files
patch -p < /path/to/consolekit.diff

That should update one file, and create a second.


Joe Marcus Clarke
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