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Tue Sep 30 03:32:50 UTC 2008

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> Hi All,
> I am running Freebsd 7.1 Beta/i386
> I have a weird problem where gnome takes a very long time to start up.  
> After logging in via gdm, the application menu and task bar at the  
> bottom appears instantly, but the gnome splash screen stays in the  
> middle of the screen for a good 2-3 minutes. No desktop icons are  
> visible. After a couple of minutes has elapsed, the desktop icons appear  
> and everything seems normal.
> I am able to ping $HOSTNAME (so it wouldn't be dns slowing things down)
> I also have gnome_enable="YES" in my /etc/rc.conf
> I am not seeing anything major in my .xsession-errors, just a couple of  
> warnings about secure memory for gnome keyring.

> and this:
> ** (nautilus:1853): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Not supported
> This has me scratching my head. Any ideas on where I can start looking?

I don't know what it is either, but in Linux world has it too.


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