Brasero for FreeBSD CAM

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Thu Jan 24 14:04:18 PST 2008

It's been a while, but I finished a very rough port of brasero's medium
backend to FreeBSD CAM.  I borrowed some of Jean-Yves' code from HAL,
and extended it.  Basically, I've been reading the MMC6 spec a lot

The port is rough in that I use a lot of magic offsets based on the MMC
spec.  This makes reading and maintenance hard.  I just wanted to see if
this could be done.  Cleanup can happen later.  I also have not done
more than a build test.  

If you do want to play with this, you should run brasero in a debug mode
so that all output can be captured.  While cdrecord should still be used
to burn the media, coasters should be expected early on.


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