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On Fri, 04 Jan 2008 11:27:46 -0600, Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at> wrote:

> On Fri, 04 Jan 2008 11:19:48 -0600, Joe Marcus Clarke  
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>> Jeremy Messenger wrote:
>>> On Fri, 04 Jan 2008 08:36:37 -0600, Joe Marcus Clarke
>>> <marcus at> wrote:
>>>> I've been working on updating our hal port to 0.5.10, and I'm close to
>>>> being done.  While I have PolicyKit 0.7 ported, I have not been able  
>>>> to
>>>> test it yet, and I wanted to get started on hal.  So what I'm about to
>>>> present has no PK support.
>>>> Here is a rough hal-0.5.10 port.  It is known to start, and work  
>>>> enough
>>>> for lshal.  It should provide at least as much functionality (except  
>>>> for
>>>> PK) as the 0.5.8 version with added Blu-Ray and HD-DVD support, and a
>>>> patch from Andriy Gapon to quiet audio CD probing.  You will have to
>>>> merge diffs from share/hal/dist/hal.conf to  
>>>> etc/dbus/system.d/hal.conf.
>>>> This port also requires an updated libvolume_id.  A diff for that is
>>>> also available.  Right now, I'm most interested in problems that  
>>>> differ
>>>> from the 0.5.8 port.
>>> This weekend, I am planning to upgrade my GNOME to 2.21.x. Unless you
>>> want me to test your patches with GNOME 2.20.x first before I upgrade
>>> GNOME to 2.21.x? I am willing to test.
>> When all bits of the port are done, hal-0.5.10 will be committed to MC
>> pending the GNOME 2.22 release.  Test with 2.20 if you want, but 2.20
>> will never officially see hal-0.5.10.
> I will testing with GNOME 2.20 first. A stable desktop should give a  
> better result to figure which problem is in hal or GNOME.

The GNOME comes up fine. If I put either blank CD or DVD and the 'blank  
CD/DVD' doesn't appear in the desktop anymore. It couldn't recogize. If I  
put USB flash drive and I can see icon pops up in nautilus, but I couldn't  
mount and double click on icon to get in. It would keeps take me to /  
instead of in USB flash drive. When I tried to mount in USB flash drive  
(vfat) and I get this below.

Jan  4 13:17:34 mezz kernel: mount option <uhelper> is unknown

I am not sure if it has to do with disable PK. I will going to our FAQ to  
learn how to debug HAL and get back to you this afternoon.

BTW: I had to run 'make makesum' in hal to fix the fetch. It wouldn't  
download, because of size mismatch.


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