ports/114168: [PATCH] audio/esound lacks startup script for esd

Denis Eremenko moonshade at pnhz.kz
Mon Sep 10 01:19:31 PDT 2007

> >  I don't know. I just found it inconvenient that it doesn't start
> >  automatically, like a daemon should (if configured in rc.conf)
> I've never had a problem because GNOME starts it as my user.  I'm very
> leery about running a daemon as root that is clearly designed to be run
> as a normal user.
Because you have "auto_spawn=1" in esd.conf, and default esd.conf not.

esound's changelog:
2006-08-07  David Schleef  <ds at schleef.org>

        * esd.conf: Turn autospawning off by default.  Don't use
          autospawning.  It doesn't work, and it isn't possible to
          make it work.  esd should always be started from the session

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