Fishing for some glues to find the problem

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Jun 20 06:00:05 UTC 2007


at x11@: please CC me.

Is someone seeing some strange keyboard behavior recently? I updated  
to -current after gcc4.2 and xorg 7 and everything was fine. Then I  
updated this week some ports (all which where stale since last week),  
and boom, the system doesn't print all the characters I type anymore.  
Symptom: a-z and numbers work, but the keys for German umlauts produce  
strange characters I've never typed before. I can not produce @ with  
the keyboard anymore (no output at all). I also can not switch to a  
console (ctrl+alt+Fx).

I don't remember which ports where stale, but maybe gtk and perhaps  
some xorg port was updated...

I didn't change any config or updated the basesystem (there was no  
reboot, just a restart of gdm... more correctly, I stopped and started  
the jail where my desktop is running in, but there was no change to  
the host at all, and no change in the jail except for an portupgrade),  
so I think something in the xorg-gnome chain is eating my keypresses  
and spitting out some garbage. Anyone with an idea what this is or how  
to find out what the problem is?


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