Question about creating a new appt. in evolution.

George Hartzell hartzell at
Mon Feb 12 23:43:53 UTC 2007

Whenever I try to create a new appointment in Evolution it opens up
a dialog box that's set for an 'All Day Event'.  I have to uncheck the
All Day Event box in the spilled-over section of the tool bar to get
an hourly appointment.

I'm working with a recent 6.2 build and similarly recent Evolution and
gnome builds.

I've always thought that I'd [mis-]set a magic toggle somewhere but I
just realized that the same thing happens in a newly created account.

Along the same lines, whenever I open a new appt or event the dialog
box is so small that all of the toolbar buttons are not available, and
I have to mouse around to get a pulldown menu where i can uncheck this

Do any of you see more reasonable behaviour or are you stuck always
starting with an 'All Day Event'?



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