Fonts, windows too large after 2.20 upgrade

Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum bg271828 at
Wed Dec 19 06:54:19 PST 2007

Im not quite sure if im explaining this right, but i just upgraded Gnome (along with)
a number of other things) to 2.20 on a FreeBSD 6.2 system. Several things are
visually messed up. All the system fonts are displaying extremely large, whether
in the title bar, in a Terminal window, in Firefox tabs, etc. And i think the windows
themselves (the ones connected to specifically Gnome apps at least) are also
larger: im pretty sure that Terminal is larger than it used to be.

Id think this is an X problem except that non-Gnome apps look OK. The web pages
themselves (as opposed to the title bars etc.) in Firefox look fine, Emacs is fine.

I didnt change my X settings, and in Preferences -> Screen Resolution it is set
correctly for my system. My Appearance preferences also seem right--several 
10-point fonts.

What could be causing this? If im being unclear i can try to be more clear.



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