Gnumeric Crashes

Morten Welinder mortenw at
Fri Aug 3 15:38:33 UTC 2007

Dear FreeBSD people,

the Gnumeric team has recently received a number of crash reports from
FreeBSD users, see
We do not know why Gnumeric crashes on those systems and we have
been unable to get more information out of the reporters.

We have two suspects:

* Themes.  the "Mist" and "Industrial" themes (and probably more) can
  corrupt memory, see bug
  This would affect all Gtk+ applications although some might just get lucky
  and not crash.  What version of gtk-engines does a regular FreeBSD
  system use?

* (A bit of a long shot:)  Some of the stack traces point inside the dynamic
  loader at a point where Gnumeric is unloading dynamic libraries.  How
  well is that tested under FreeBSD?  -- Most programs just link-in objects
  and only discard via exit(2).

  To trigger library loading and unloading, it should be enough to enter
  "=sin(42)+min(12,23)" in a cell and exit.

For what it is worth, Valgrind on Linux and (a while back) Purify on Solaris
report no relevant issues.  Coverty has no relevant complaints.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Morten Welinder
terra at
(Please CC)

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