mysterious error dialog when logging into gnome 2.16.1

Hans Nieser h.nieser at
Sun Oct 8 06:39:33 PDT 2006

Hans Nieser wrote:
> I've just updated to gnome 2.16.1 (marcuscom), but I get an error dialog
> when I log into gnome. The dialog dissappears before I can read it so I
> don't know what the problem is. But it's annoying nonetheless.
> I've checked gdm's log, xorg's log and ~/.xsession-errors but I can't
> figure out what is causing this error. Does anyone know where else to look?

By examining each startup program in my gnome session, I found out it is
being caused by gnome-power-manager. Running it manually makes the same
dialog popup (and dissappear again before I can read it) and leaves no
output on the console. Running it with --verbose leaves this:

hans at aphax-laptop:~$ DISPLAY=":0.0" gnome-power-manager --verbose
[gpm_debug_init] gpm-debug.c:158 (15:36:52):     Verbose debugging enabled
*** WARNING ***
[main] gpm-main.c:183 (15:36:52):        Failed to connect to socket
/var/run/dbus/dbus.pipe: No such file or directory
[gpm_syslog] gpm-debug.c:140 (15:36:52):         Saving to syslog:
Critical error: This program cannot start until you start the dbus system
It is <b>strongly recommended</b> you reboot your computer after starting
this service.

As far as I know, dbus is up and running:

hans at aphax-laptop:~$ ps auxww | grep dbus
hans  28949  0.0  0.2  1976  1560  ??  Is    3:28PM   0:00.02 dbus-daemon
--fork --print-address 22 --print-pid 24 --session

Anyone know what to do about this?

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