Anything using gnome-vfs-2.16.1 segfaults

Hans Nieser h.nieser at
Tue Oct 3 20:43:24 PDT 2006

Hans Nieser wrote:
> Hans Nieser wrote:
>> Installed gnome 2.16 today and found that various applications crash on
>> startup. Others (i.e. Eye of Gnome) crash when the open-file dialog is
>> opened. (Some backtraces at end of this message.)
>> It seems _gtk_xdg_alias_list_lookup is called with list == NULL, this
>> should never happen unless xdg_mime_init wasn't called by gnome-vfs first.
>> Why this is so, is beyond me.
>> kaeru in #freebsd-gnome on freenode said his troubles went away when he
>> reverted to gnome-vfs-2.16.0.
>> Some backtraces:
> <snip>
> Ok it seems gnome-vfs-2.16.1 updated their xdgmime code, which removes
> several xdg_mime_init() calls from various functions in xdgmime.c which
> gnome-vfs relied upon for the initialisation of the alias_list global.
> I don't know enough about gnome-vfs/xdgmime to come up with a patch but I
> will file a bugreport at gnome's buzilla anyway.

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