Gnomecontrolcenter2 conflicting with fam and gamin

Chris Hodgins christopher.hodgins at
Sun Mar 19 20:49:10 UTC 2006


Noticed a bit of an irregularity with gnomecontrolcenter2.  I had
previously installed the gnome2 port and along the way while
installing that and other things the gamin port was installed as well.
 I then proceeded to follow the gnome faq and installed fam to take
advantage of all that it offers.  As part of this I had to remove
gamin and install fam in its place.

I later tried to upgrade gnomecontrolcenter2 but it died with the error:
/usr/X11R6/lib/ undefined reference to `FAMNoExists'

A little searching and I found this page:

It mentions:
"As I understand it, the API for gamin (as of v 0.1.0) differs from vanilla FAM
only in that the former has that extra function, FAMNoExists"

After uninstalling fam and reinstalling gamin and pkgdb -F to fix up
the dependencies everything compiled successfully again.

Should the gnomecontrolcenter2 have a dependecy on gamin or the faq
( changed to use the
gamin port?  You guys are the experts. :o)

Chris Hodgins

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