Q on nss-3.11 (Re: Does Mozilla trunk build successfully on FreeBSD?)

Wan-Teh Chang wtchang at redhat.com
Thu Jan 19 13:16:38 PST 2006

Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> четвер 19 січень 2006 14:28, Wan-Teh Chang Ви написали:
>> You just need to install libfreebl3.so and libfreebl3.chk right next
>> to libsoftokn3.so and libsoftokn3.chk.
> Interesting. We are not installing the libsoftokn3.chk in the current port 
> (3.10) -- only the .so itself. Same with 3.11. Do we need it -- what's 
> supposed to break without it?

The .chk files are only needed when NSS is
operating in the "FIPS" mode.  Mozilla clients
use NSS in the non-FIPS mode by default.  This
is why you haven't noticed anything broken.

>> The generally useful NSS tools are:
>> certutil
>> pk12util
>> modutil
>> signtool
>> ssltap
>> You should only install these in your system
>> binary directory.
> Why, then, is nss' own install installing 34 other executables? :-)

This is a problem with our build system.  Also,
some of the NSS developers think it is useful
to ship all those executables.  I disagree, but
I don't have the patience to convince them on
this relatively unimportant issue.

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