How to compile nautilus with debug symbols from ports?

Andrew Reilly andrew at
Wed Dec 13 13:57:37 PST 2006

Hi there,

I had nautilus crash on me, the other day.  I think that I can
repeat the crash: well, it's happened twice, doing the same thing
(attempting a VFS mount of a file share from a Windows laptop
that requires authentication).  So I installed bugbuddy so that
it could phone home to the GNOME folks to tell them what was up,
but although the _process_ seems to have worked, and a bug
registered, it wasn't able to find a core dump, and the core dump
wouldn't have had much useful symbolic info, anyway.

So: what's happened to nautilus' .core file?  Is there some fancy
clean-up mechanism going on?  I imagine so: that must be how
bugbuddy gets invoked in the first place.  Can this be overriden
so that I can get a core file to point gdb at?

Secondly: is there a convenient port-build global knob for
turning on debugging symbols?  Anything more complicated than
CFLAGS+=-g in /etc/make.conf?



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