ports/105589: Firefox 2.0 segfaults when saving more than one file per session

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at marcuscom.com
Mon Dec 11 11:04:29 PST 2006

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Micah wrote:
> Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Micah wrote:
>>> Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
>>>> No, it doesn't really help isolate why the problem is happening.  It's
>>>> just good to know we have a workaround.  You should try and find out
>>>> what KDE is doing that affects GTK+ or GNOME applications.  THAT would
>>>> help track down the crash.
>>> I've got an email into the KDE maintainer(s) to see if they can shed
>>> some light on it. I did notice one thing though. I get the following
>>> error on the settings-deamon's terminal right about where Firefox would
>>> normally crash. I rebuilt D-Bus (and the QT/Glib bindings for it) with
>>> debugging symbols, but that doesn't seem enough to get it to display the
>>> backtrace.
>>> (gnome-settings-daemon:43599): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gsignal.c:2271:
>>> signal name `new-toplevel_window' is invalid for instance `0x80c6250'
>>> process 43620: arguments to dbus_connection_add_filter() were incorrect,
>>> assertion "connection != NULL" failed in file dbus-connection.c line
>>> 4954.
>>> This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.
>>>   D-Bus not compiled with backtrace support so unable to print a
>>> backtrace
>> GNOME requires that you run under a D-BUS enabled session.  All of this
>> is covered in the GNOME FAQ at
>> http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/docs/faq2.html .
>> Joe
> If Gnome requires this then how come the FAQ says it's optional? How
> come the port allows you to install it without mentioning this? How does
> this relate to the error I'm getting?

This does not relate to the Firefox crash, but it relates to the problem
with D-BUS not running.  If you run a true GNOME session, then this is
moot as we handle starting a session bus automatically.  If you start
KDE with:

dbus-launch --exit-with-session startkde

You should not have a problem provided you have the system bus running.



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