Gnome dead after upgrade to V6.0-BETA5

Kevin Oberman oberman at
Mon Sep 26 08:53:36 PDT 2005

On Friday I upgraded my main desktop from 4.11-Stable to 5.3 and then to
6.0-BETA5. The upgrade went smoothly, but since the upgrade I have been
unable to start Gnome. 

I get a message that libglib can't find getpwuid_r. Clearly, this is in, but something something called is missing it, probably because
it needs to be rebuilt.

I did a portupgrade -af which I thought should have cleaned this up, but
it has not. A few things didn't build and I have not looked at those so
far, but portupgrade -Rf glib has completed with no problems. 

Anyone have a primer on how I might track down the guilty file on this?
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