portupgrade, linuxpluginwrapper, acroread7 and Epiphany

Frank Jahnke jahnke at fmjassoc.com
Tue Oct 11 14:55:28 PDT 2005

I updated to 6.0RC earlier today, and am now upgrading my various ports
(which I always do manually).  One of the first I did was Acroread7,
which needed it.  I did the usual portupgrade, and it went through the
recursive upgrades without a hitch (including linuxpluginwrapper).  Now,
however, acroread7 cannot be invoked as a plugin from Epiphany.  I
corrected an improper location in libmap.conf, but it still does not
load.  It works fine from the command line.  Any advice would be most


# Acrobat7 with Mozilla/Firebird/Galeon/Epiphany/Konqueror
libc.so.6                       pluginwrapper/acrobat.so

where the location is linked to 
which exists and is readable and executable.  Similarly, libc.so.6 is
the highest version on the system, and pluginwrapper/acrobat.so exists
in /usr/local/lib and is also readable and executable.

about:plugins in Epiphany shows the plugin is enabled.

Still, it does not load into Epiphany.  All of the other plugins (Java,
RealPlayer and Flash) work fine.


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