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Tue Oct 11 06:32:25 PDT 2005

Let's moving it to freebsd-gnome, so remove freebsd-current from CC.

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 07:59:53 -0500, Roger Grosswiler <roger at>  

> Pav Lucistnik wrote:
>> Roger Grosswiler píše v út 11. 10. 2005 v 14:15 +0200:
>>> Hey,
>>> Have 6.0/B5 up and running. But running apps such as gaim, psi or  
>>> others, that use docklets under gnome do not work.
>>> if i "close" the app, this terminates instead of minimizes the  
>>> application.
>>> Is there something special to follow?
>>   What do you mean by "docklet"? That's nonexistant term.
>>  How is this related to running -CURRENT?
> Definition of a Docklet:  

It looks like it's GNOME1, so it's what you are using? You need to show us  
your pkg_info. If you are using GNOME2, then right click on the panel and  
click on 'add to panel' to add 'Notification Area Applet'.

BTW: There is no 'docklet' term in GNOME2 that I know.


> Related tu running -CURRENT: state working in Linux (has not been tested  
> in FreeBSD 5.4)
> Roger

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