Recent update of Firefox port

Indigo 23 indigo23 at
Sun Oct 9 23:02:27 PDT 2005

Hello. I would just like to let you know that the recent update to the
Firefox port screwed things up for me immensely. First of all, I had no
problems upgrading through previous updates to the port until the recent
commit (Oct 9, 2005). After upgrading and restarting Firefox, my extensions
started messing up, to the extent of screwing up my tab bar where I couldn't
see any tabs whatsoever, or even their titles. Also, when opening a new tab
now, it does not automatically focus on the location bar and I must manually
do this every time, which is EXTREMELY irritating. Even after starting a new
profile, the problems persisted. I am currently in the process of
downgrading to the previous revision (Sept 23, 2005) which worked great for
me. Hopefully the next commit will correct some of these problems.


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