new freebsd gnome user needs upgrade help

Jayton Garnett jay at
Fri Nov 25 07:11:42 GMT 2005


This has been covered many times in the lists, here is a link that will 
give you all the info you need.

Jason Trickett wrote:

>I installed FreeBSD 6 with the GNOME 2.10 desktop from the iso's. I also
>installed the ports system but have not used it yet. I wish to upgrade
>my GNOME desktop to 2.12 using packages. Is the Tinderbox way the only
>option I have using packages? And if the only way to upgrade to 2.12 is
>to use the ports system does that mean I need to remove my 2.10 gnome
>packages first? I've looked at the docs but I'm getting confused. Can
>someone help me out, maybe with some basic instructions on how to
>accomplish this?
>Thanks. And sorry for the newbie question.
>-- Jason
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