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Fri Nov 18 13:32:10 PST 2005

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:16:54 -0600, Jann Roeder <jann_roeder at arcor.de>  

> Hello,
> I think something needs to be done with the Xscreensaver-gnome port. I  
> think it inlcudes way too many low-quality screensavers. I think by  
> default it should install no more than 10 screensavers. The rest could  
> be provided in an extra port.  If you want I can send you a list of the  
> screensavers which I think should be kept in the distribution.
> Also if you simply install the port the screensaver doesn't work at all,  
> because you need a dbus enabled gnome session. Why isn't the default  
> gnome session dbus enabled ?

I didn't check in xscreensaver-gnome, but I doubt that it requires dbus.  
It's gnome-screensaver if you are talking about, which is not part of  
GNOME release. As for enable default, see below.

> Together with that I also discovered, that gnome can make use of FAM,  
> which also isn't enabled by default...

It is expected and it's why it's in our FAQ. We should never enable the  
daemon by default. I am hoping that we will change from FAM to gamin by  
default, but we have to talk with KDE and other apps (that need FAM)  
maintainers to see if they will agree with us and if those apps can run  
with gamin with no problem.


> Jann Röder

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