Summary of Adam's GNOME on BSD talk

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Fri May 27 00:42:46 PDT 2005


Adam Weinberger wrote:
> Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> I can't even begin to explain how imperative I think this is. The 
> following steps must take place:
Yes, but ...

> I. Immediately
>   1. All GNOME 1 components should be renamed (foo -> foo1). This is 
> *WAY* overdue.

> II. Before GNOME 3 (ASAP)
>   1. All GNOME 2 components should be repocopied to a numberless name 
> (foo2 -> foo).

No. I would name all GNOME components for version 2 foo2.

>   2. The name should reflect the proper package name whenever possible 
> (i.e. gnome-desktop, not gnomedesktop).

> III. When GNOME 3 is released
>   1. GNOME 2 stuff should immediately be repocopied to a versioned 
> name/number (foo -> foo2).

Why not now.?

>   2. GNOME 3 stuff should go in an unnumbered name (foo). This should be 

I would start with foo3.

The idea behind is very simple. A normal user as me gets always confused 
when version change as there is no version in the base name.

When the package itself is foo3, it is obvious for me that it is version 

Keeping the version in the name enables me also to add links to my 
system for my current defaults.

Think also of the normal users when working with it. A clear numbering 
schema without changes at the base helps them to accept a package.


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