can't build 1.0.4

Michael Johnson ahze at
Thu May 19 15:02:46 PDT 2005

On May 19, 2005, at 5:46 PM, Timothy Smith wrote:

> hello there, great work on the ports!
> unfortunately i'm having big problems getting the latest firefox to  
> build on my 4.10 machine.
> firstly i tried compiled from source off ftp, which  
> failed.
> i then did a cvsup and tried using portinstall, which failed also.
> if you keep track of the freebsd-questions you would have seen the  
> whole saga. if not look in the archives 
> pipermail/freebsd-questions/ for the topic "can't build firefox  
> 1.0.4 on 4.10"
> i'm doing a cd /usr/src make clean right now to try clean out ANY  
> cruft, but atm i just cannot get the build to work

I just replied to your email on freebsd-questions,  but next time it  
would help if you actually post some errors
before when you send an email. btw, you need freetype2 2.1.9

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