HEADS UP: Dropping support for GNOME on FreeBSD 4.X

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Wed May 18 21:41:05 PDT 2005

On Wed, 18 May 2005 19:51:42 -0500, Jimmie James <jimmiejaz at gmail.com>  

> <rant>
> Great. :(
> Unfortunatly, I can't update to 5.x untill I get a new system.  I've
> tried every 5.x release since about 4.4, and not one will install
> here.

Maybe I should rant about you have the old machine. ;-)

>> FreeBSD 4.X is dead, developmentwise.
> If "FreeBSD 4.X is dead", then why is it still being prompted on the  
> site?
> Wasn't there just a flurry of USB commits for the 4.x branch?

Doesn't matter how much people have touched 4.x branch. The most main  
point is that 4.x branch can't make any _big_ change for the desktop's  
sake. There are many missing parts in 4.x for desktop, which marcus has  
covered in his first email.


>> Bug reports will be entertained on a per-port basis.  Some ports may
>> continue to see life on 4.X provided they build and are functional.
>> This will be left up to the maintainer's discretion, of course.
> That says to me, when remote vuln's creap in, all the 4.x users are
> going to be exploited,  and there's nothing we'll be able to do, but
> to lose out, or become part of a botnet.
> Considering E.O.L of 4.11 is January 31, 2007, I think this is  
> unreasonable.
>> More and more ports break with GCC 2.x.
> More and more ports have build depends of GCC 3.x, I don't see how GCC
> 2.x factors into this choice.
> </rant>  <!--Sorry -->

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