gnome-cd in gnome-2.10 not working right

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sat Mar 26 20:21:27 PST 2005

On Sat, 2005-03-26 at 18:34 -0800, Karl Agee wrote:
> I am having problems with gnome-cd after upgrading to gnome 2.10.  It worked 
> fine in gnome 2.8...
> Drop in the cd in the reader (/dev/acd0c), close it and gnome cd rec the cd 
> is in there, and pulls down the info from the cddb server.  swell.  Click 
> play, and the drive spins up to a high speed, tries to find a speed to play 
> at, and goes up and down in speed.  Of course never settles down and the 
> playback is awful.

Gnome-cd has changed in 2.10.  It now uses cdparanoia as a backend, and
thus requires atapicam, and access to the entire SCSI subsystem (see  I tested it here, and
it works fine for me.  Perhaps you're missing some pointers from this
FAQ.  You might also want to test goobox to see if it works or exhibits
the same problems.

You might also want to check your gstreamer settings, and make sure
you're using a good audio output.  I use esound without any problems,
but some have reported that esound causes scratchy play-back, and prefer
to use the OSS output sink.


> But when using cdcontrol, it plays just fine.
> So, I dont get it, not much docu on this applet.
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