firefox 'freezes' after Gnome 2.10 upgrade.

Mike Carlson m87carlson at
Wed Mar 23 10:11:28 PST 2005


After a successful upgrade to Gnome 2.10 I have started experiencing a
very annoying problem with both firefox and mozilla.

If either i try to download something, or I visit a site that is well
beyond basic html, the browser completely freezes, but stays in a
[ksesel] state. Some example sites would be

I first though this was a scheduling issue so I have tried to use the
SCHED_ULE scheduler and playing around with /etc/libmap.conf and
mapping firefox to either libr_c or libpthread. But I can still
reproduce the freeze.

I should also mention that I cannot actually USE Gnome, I get the
gnome logo and thats it. I use xfce4 anyways.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated, I know this list is a
little flooded right now.

And please CC me as I do not belong to this list.

Mike C

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